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Governor’s Task Force for Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

Committee Objectives

Committee Members

Final Report of Taskforce to Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.


September 7, 2006 Agenda
Background Information
Summary of Issues
Meeting Summary
October 3, 2006

Issue Paper - Communications
Issue Paper - Decision Making
Presentation– Communications
Presentation– Decision Making
Meeting Summary

November 8, 2006 Agenda
  Issue Paper - Vulnerable Populations
  Issue Paper - Surge Capacity
  Presentation– Vulnerable Populations and Essential Responders
  Meeting Summary
December 6, 2006 Agenda
  Issue Paper - Essential Services
  Issue Paper - Antiviral Stockpile
  Presentation - Maintaining Essential Services
  Presentation - Antiviral Stockpile
  Meeting Summary
January 4, 2007 Agenda
  Issue Paper - Community mitigation
  Issue Paper - Vaccine management
  Meeting Summary
February 8, 2007 Agenda
  Recommendations - Decision making
  Recommendations - Communications
  Recommendations - Surge Capacity
  Recommendations - Vulnerable Populations
  Recommendations - Maintaining Essential Services
  Recommendations - Antiviral stockpile
  Recommendations - Vaccine management and use
  Recommendations - Community mitigation

To send comments or for help, send a message to the Pandemic Flu Specialist by clicking here.


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